Colours of known & unknown worlds inspire me to portray my own version of them. 

Through art I want to inspire everyone to look at the brighter side of life, to pause

for a moment and cherish the beauty around them.

Bhawana Verma is a fine art photographer & her work is inspired by colors of known & unknown worlds. Through abstract forms & patterns, she likes to portray her own version of them.V ivid use of Colors & a close connection with our surroundings is something that stands out in most of her work. Bhawanaloves to explore the relationships of forms and colors & seeks to break away from the traditional representation of physical objects. Her work gives the viewer the freedom to decide what the artwork is about, on a very personal level.

The shapes & forms are purposely left undone allowing the viewer to interpret the art in their own way. Through her art, she loves to inspire everyone around her to look at the brighter side of life, to pause for a moment and cherish the beauty around us. Her love for exploring abstract forms & colors have motivated her to create abstract flower & nature imagery.

Most of her work has been shot with the objects around her, which sometimes takes the form of a flower bud or fluttering wings of a butterfly,  a celestial object or a fragment of memory from her travels. She feels that having a close connection with our surroundings is the key to happiness & the secret to our overall well being. Her subjects are sometimes mundane & sometimes objects of the outer worlds. Simple things in life need to be cherished and it’s her tiny attempt in connecting her viewers with their own surroundings through her artworks.

Few of her noteworthy Series are:

Neon Fest

Travel Diary

The Celestial Enigma

The Flower Story

Wild Rose

Tulip Love

At the Realm of Colours

A Journey of Passion

Nature & Beyond

Butterfly Hues

Bhawana’s artwork is represented by Marco Antonio Patrizio Art Gallery, Italy, California, Gallery 104 New York on Artsy & 1stdibs and Navrathan’s Art Gallery, MG Rd, Bangalore, India. Bhawana currently lives in Bangalore, India.


Failing It Up:

Bhawana is currently working on creating awareness about the stigma attached with Failing through her campaign #failingitupwithlovenhope. “Failing it Up with Love n Hope” is what she believes in and she’s happy to know that more and more people are joining her to spread awareness about this issue. You could show your support by using #failingitupwithlovenhope. Please follow the link to know more  about her blog FAILING IT UP

More details about the cause are on her blog which is dedicated to creating awareness about the stigma attached to Failing.

Failure Cards:

Failing Cards are best gifts to celebrate failures. These cards are designed from the fine artwork of Bhawana Verma. Her blog Failing It Up is creating awareness about the stigma attached to failing. You could show your support by using the hashtag #failingitupwithlovenhope

Bhawana feels the best gifts for people are Failing Cards which would be a constant reminder for them to not only celebrate their own failures but also to show compassion towards others around them who are finding it hard to cope up with their failures.


Failing It Up With The Masters:

More people are coming forward each day to show their support and Bhawana feels grateful about it. Failing It Up With The Masters is a series of inspirational videos of the achievers from every field. These celebrity interviews are a reminder to celebrate failures as these successful people or celebrity share their own fails to inspire the world who looks up to them.

Celebrity Adil Hussain Launched the campaign #failingitupwithlovenhope to Break the Stigma attached to failing.


We did various celebrity interviews to showcase how failure has been an integral part of their success story.

Links to her other two websites:

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