Hard Work and Talent are not The Key to Success

Hard work and talent are not the key to success but gracefully acknowledging your failures despite being exceptionally talented and hardworking will definitely take you a long way.

We have been told since ages that hard work and talents are the keys to success but I beg to differ on this point completely.

I feel professionalism is the key to success.


Let’s see how:


No matter how hard working and talented you are if you do not perform with the team for the final show then entire hard work and talent is of no use. Here with the performance I mean not just your individual performance but your performance as a team. Professionalism teaches you to be humble and respectful towards not just your core job but also acknowledge and respect the team as a whole. No matter how great and talented you are if your actions are getting down the performance of the entire team then there is definitely a problem.

When you work in a professional environment then how well you do our work is not the only thing which is important. If you are not reading the documents properly related to your work if you come late because you feel you are exceptionally talented if you not in harmony with your team then it’s time to take a pause and rework on your core skills on professionalism.

I have always noticed that people who are professional are always better with their work than the people who may be exceptionally talented. This is mainly because of the fact that when we perform as a TEAM and are respectful of every team member’s role only then can we fully perform our own role well. Nothing can be achieved through a solo game show when you are working in a team. Don’t try to be a solo hero in your team rather help your team members by cooperating and being respectful towards their work.
We can only rise and shine by helping others.

When I started as a photographer I was really fortunate to have worked with very seniors artists. One thing I noticed that the more seniors the artist is the more refined he/she was. They don’t treat you like a newcomer and they give you space and respect so that you can perform your work smoothly. These thorough professional artists make everyone else’s job so simply by cooperating and helping the spirit of the entire team boost up.

Working with these amazing senior artists have taught me so much about professionalism. I remember at the beginning of my ad filmmaking career I got an opportunity to work with a very senior and national award-winning cinematographer. Initially, I was very nervous thinking he is too senior for me to direct in front of him but my production designer, who again is a very senior artist, told me you would love working with sir as he is not just talented but a thorough professional as well. And when I worked with this senior cinematographer I got to learn so much, he gave me so much space so that I could perform my duty well as a director, without getting distracted by his seniority. Professional people like to work as a team and not try to be the solo heroes in the team. They ensure everyone is comfortable working with them as a team.

If you feel you are super talented still not getting the opportunities you truly deserve.
If you feel that lesser talented people are getting better opportunities than you because of their sheer luck.
If you feel you are very hardworking still not getting the opportunities you truly deserve.

Then please don’t feel that you have failed. Simply pause, rethink and re-work and this time not just on your core skills but also on your skills of performing in a team as a genuine respectful team member.

Here, by team, I don’t mean a team of 5 to 10 people but even two individuals working together is a team. Be respectful of the people you are working with. Being over smart might make you feel like a winner for a short while but in the long run, you’ll see yourself losing.

Let’s see how these professional people are:

Professional people don’t have the time to criticize others as they are too busy unlearning and re-learning.

They show up on time

They show respect towards everyone’s work

They help create an environment where every team member gets an equal opportunity to perform their core job well

They’ll strive on doing more than they are expected to do. When you see them pushing their boundaries and giving their best it teaches you how to push boundaries no matter how well you know your job and how seniors or junior you are. This way they set an example for others around them.

People enjoy working with them again and again because everyone’s productivity increases working with them.

The way they look at a problem and find solutions is something remarkable to learn from.

They don’t see challenges as hurdles.  They know challenges are a part of any work and they enjoy solving these challenges.

But don’t misunderstand politeness for professionalism because they might appear a bit harsh if you behaving too casually at work and disturbing the entire team. They don’t criticize or make fun of people others outside because if they see an issue they try resolving it by talking to the concerned person directly. So they believe in resolving and not getting entertained at your expense.  They genuinely care and are genuinely involved in the entire process. Nothing about them is superficial.

Professionalism will take you a long way. Even if you are not as talented as someone else but you are professional then your professionalism will give you enough opportunities to master your skills and become as talented as the person you once looked up to.

Once you learn to be professional, you will get enough opportunity to learn from the right people and your hard work and talent will genuinely become part of your success story.

So if you truly love doing something then simply be genuine and dedicated and keep doing what you love.  Work is hard only when you don’t love it..how can something you love doing be considered hard work. For the outside world it’s hard work but for you, it’s your love and dedication. For the outside world its talent but for you, its dedication with which you refine your skills with time by humbly failing each day. 


Once you learn the art of failing you would love to fail each day.

Failing with humility and Grace.



Your mom doesn't love you because she is OKAY if you Fail
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