How I failed in many ways when I became a mother... I decided to quit my job when I conceived my first child. As a child, my biggest dream was becoming a mother when I grew up and it was coming true. Throughout my son's early childhood, I enjoyed with him like a child. We played, laughed, giggled, and learned through these playful activities. My life's goal was to be happy and I felt happiest being a stay at home mom. As my son become more and more independent, I decided to enroll in a distance learning course so that I could be at home and also further my education and get the best of both worlds. But, trust me I failed. I failed the people around me...some wondered why I was still studying at this age? Some said it openly and others sniggered behind my back that I could not make a good career so I decided to be at home. But I was loving doing what I was doing. Failure, more often than not, is others perception that we impose on ourselves. Others can't relate to what we are doing and why we chose to do what we do. I remember a friend of mine told me that all her friends had fancy careers and were settled abroad and because she didn't want to look like a loser, she worked, despite her passion being elsewhere. People around us think we have failed because we did not follow the set path which everyone else around us does. They don’t realize that the real success is in choosing our own path, sometimes even carving a new path for ourselves and not in becoming one of the crowd. We should never change our way of thinking and our goals just to look successful to others. Real success is in being happy and comfortable in following one’s passion at the cost of appearing as a failure to others.

So, while people considered me a failure, I continued being a stay at home mom, exploring and re-discovering the world through my child and in the process, I found my passion for photography. Staying at home gave me ample time to try out new things. I painted, shot photographs while being with my son during his early childhood and I ended up re-discovering myself. My message is for people who  choose to follow the beaten track because they don’t want to be perceived as a failure. The beaten track mostly leads to something mediocre where one may have the money and fame but little joy. My advice is to not be in a rush to look successful, keep trying new things until you find something worth failing for. Till then do things you enjoy without the fear of being judged. Failing is way better than imitating success, Just Fail, FEARLESSLY. #failingitupwithlovenhope


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