Your mom doesn’t love you because she is OKAY if you Fail

A few days back my son came and told me that one of his friends said to him  Your mom doesn’t love you because she is OKAY if you Fail

Because of my Failing it Up campaign my son was ridiculed. I asked my son if this campaign is affecting him shall I back off from it?  To which he replied no Mumma such comments don’t affect me as I know you more than anyone else. I felt nice knowing my son understands how to fail beautifully from such an early age. When we do things that others around us can’t relate to we are looked down upon and judged but that should NOT change what we truly believe in. Today a person very close to me totally snubbed me when I shared about my campaign with this person …this person said I am too busy eating and sleeping well in my life and I don’t want to be bothered with such nonsense, you go and change the world…it hurts but it also gives me even more strength to do what I truly believe in.


“Failing It Up” started as a blog post on my fine art website and in no time I got people supporting me to continue writing about this issue of Stigma attached to failing. People wanted to share their story so I decided to take their written interviews. This idea of written interviews ended up becoming video interviews because people were more comfortable taking video interviews rather than writing.

A few months back I shared my thought of doing something for the people who are unable to cope up with Failures. I told my cinematographer, over a cup of coffee that I would like to do something for people who feel they are losers…as I believe nobody is a loser. it’s just what we start believing when people around us can’t relate to our passion & visions. So this is how Failing It Up started with intention of sharing.


We fight or stand up for the things which we have suffered the most from. We all go through tough times in various ways. What if we make these tough times our strength instead of it breaking us down. These difficult times should make us even more strong. Allow nobody to break your spirit and make these challenges motivate you to be a much stronger version of yourself
I saw people suffer from failures all over the world. I could relate to people’s sufferings as I too have been through all this.
The shame of being an average student, the shame of being so different from others, the shame of being emotionally independent, shamed for not being part of closed groups, the shamed for not being a great mother because I don’t give much importance to grades, shamed for being so different from others.

We all are different so what if I am slightly more different from the people around me…it doesn’t make me bad or weird. I am an artist and when I get ridiculed for spending most of my time creating these ridiculous abstract artwork hurts. We create art not because we want to ..this entire process of creating art is unstoppable and is not under our control. We do what we do because of these external unseen forces wanting us to do our job …I am not a writer I never ever imagined writing that too a blog?!!!! But I’m doing so today because I am compelled to …maybe something inside me really wants me to share my thoughts with the world. Now I understand we can write only when we have something to write about. I want to give positive energy that I get from my challenges to the people suffering from the stigma attached to failing.

Today if I am writing about Failure it’s because I want to give this message that I will never give up. I will continue to fail gracefully and beautiful for doing things that I truly believe in. We all are fighting a secret battle which only we know about. We should not give in to the negativity but learn to gain more power from these negative forces around us.

We have the power to change the negatives into positives through our THOUGHTS. Once we learn the art of failing beautifully we’ll be able to handle our lives in a more positive way and not get shattered by the negativity around us. Stay positive no matter how much negativity is there in your life today. You have the power to rise and shine if  YOU believe in yourself.


Hard Work and Talent are not The Key to Success
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