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The Blog articles written by Bhawana Verma are totally her viewpoint if you disagree with her views then you should STOP following her blog and website right NOW. Bhawana Verma has full right to express her views about the stigma attached to failing through her blog Failing It Up


The crew working on the shoot for Failing It Up are strictly booked by Bhawana Verma and no one else.

Bhawana Verma’s prior email confirmation for booking an artist/crew member for the shoot is mandatory.

You are part of Failing It Up crew for our video or photo shoots ONLY if you have been booked directly by Bhawana Verma through a formal email.


FAILING IT UP videos are produced by Sweet Tamarind Pictures, Conceptualised, Scripted and directed by Bhawana Verma only as of now.


Please Note: No media house or production house is acting on our behalf for Failing It Up to do our video shoots or photoshoots. 


FAILING IT UP videos are produced by Sweet Tamarind Pictures.

We would like to invite sponsors to sponsor our videos production & promotion costs.

Name of the sponsors will be mentioned in the videos which are sponsored by them as ‘Sponsored by Brand Name’ or ‘Shared by Brand Name’


Once your model release form, mutually agreed upon and signed duly by you (Model/Actor) and Bhawana Verma before the shoot, it is considered acceptable. In this case, your Model Release will be as per what was mentioned and signed by both the Model and Bhawana Verma.


If you do not agree with below-mentioned terms and conditions in the section ‘ Failing It Up: Videos and Model Release Form” then you can check with Bhawana Verma to review the release form at least two days BEFORE the interview. We are happy to make mutually agreed minor changes to the release form however if we do not agree with the changes you require in the release form then we hold complete right to not publish, to destroy or delete the video interview without giving you any prior written or verbal notifications. It is your responsibility to go through the Terms and Conditions page and the Model Release Form at least 2 days before the shoot.


If you require minor changes in the Model Release form then you have to inform us at least 2 days before the shoot so that we can consider if we would want to shoot your interview or not, based on what changes you are requesting us to make in the Model Release Form.




The video interviews will remain the exclusive property of Bhawana Verma. By doing the video interview you grant the following rights and permissions to Bhawana Verma and Sweet Tamarind Pictures, their heirs, legal representatives, and assigns those for whom Photographer and Creative director Bhawana is acting, and those acting with his/her authority and permission. 


They have the irrevocable, perpetual and unrestricted right and  permission to take, use, re-use, publish, and republish, Film, Photographs provided from your side, interview, photographic portraits or pictures of me or in which you may be included, in whole or in part, or composite without restriction of reproductions thereof in color or otherwise, made through any medium at his/her studios or elsewhere, and in any and all media now or hereafter known, specifically including but not limited to print media, Digital Media, Press and Film media and distribution over the internet , promotion, editorial, advertising through Facebook Ad or Youtube promotion or any other purpose whatsoever all over the world for Sweet Tamarind Pictures, Bhawana Verma .


Any changes to the release form requested by you after AFTER shooting a video interview with us is NOT acceptable as we are using our personal resources to shoot these videos. In such circumstances, you will be asked to pay the basic light & equipment & crew charges of the shoot.

If we send you a release form which asks for more rights than we require then we will inform you about it and will resend you the required release form promptly.


Going through our Terms and Conditions Page and reading the release form which we email you is totally your responsibility. We are not Liable in any way if you do not read the release form before the video or photo shoot.


These interviews and videos will also be promoted on social media through Facebook and Instagram promotions, through Facebook Ads 

A release form will be required to promote these videos accordingly.

If you have any query about the release form kindly contact us BEFORE the shoot.


We will not be posting any interview and videos if the required release form is not signed by you (the person who is interviewed) before the shoot.


We hold full right to decide which interview we will publish and which we will not publish, without giving any prior written notice or clarifications to you and your team members.

We hold complete right to destroy and delete the video interviews for which we do not get the required release form signed by you (the person who is interviewed) BEFORE the shoot.


If your interview is not in line with the concept of Failing It Up Campaign #failingitupwithlovenhope then we have all the rights to NOT publish your interview even after you have signed the release form. It is advisable if you give a brief about your interview in advance if you are not clear about the concept of the #failingitupwithlovenhope campaign.

We will make our Failing It Up Youtube channel a PAID channel where Ad commercial will be promoted by the youtube.  The release form mentions usage in advertising refers to these ad commercials played on our youtube channel and also Social Media Ads which we will use to promote the interviews and Videos.

Our Terms and Conditions can change anytime before prior notifications of any kind. It is your responsibility to check the terms and conditions on www.bhawanavermafineart.com beforehand.

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