How and when we decided to completely unschooled our child

The term un-schooling I got to know about only recently while I was watching TED Talks.

I thought of doing a little research to know what this concept of unschooling all about and I soon realized I have been unknowingly unschooling my son since the very beginning. Our son did what he liked and we never used terms like exams homework at home until he was in the 3rd Grade. He enjoyed going to school to mingle with other children and have fun.

But after 3rd grade, we started to see the pressure from the school for him to perform according to their parameters. Principle and Teachers were upset with his performance at school. As my husband’s job keeps us moving from one city to another our son had to change schools several times. One thing I realized no matter which school he went to and no matter what complains the teachers and principles of the schools has about his academic performance, all of them told us just one thing that your son is brilliant then why he doesn’t write in exams?  I remember have a discussion with him one day where we were trying to explain him no matter how much he knows the world would judge him on the basis of what he scores. That’s the time when I started questioning myself. When our child is learning so much on his own because he was never asked to study then why should we disturb his process of self-learning by letting him go to a school? We felt schools totally disturb the process of learning. For us, it didn’t work at all. We want to give our child total freedom to Explore and Learn. We are there to guide him and give him ample opportunities around his area of interests. Now he is in 7th Grade and finally, we have decided to un-school him completely.
Currently, he goes to a very good school where they learn through interactions and are not judged for their performance. Ever since my son joined this amazing school I have realized we don’t have a problem with the schools, it’s just that we want our son to have more time to explore on his own which he doesn’t get to when he goes to school on a daily basis.
Our son is fond of reading, writing stories and songs and playing instruments like guitar Ukulele, and he also wants to learn Vilon. He is learning the Korean language on his own. He has other plans as well which he is currently working on so we don’t want to disturb his beautiful journey of self-learning by sending him to a school, no matter how much freedom a school gives we feel it will waste his precious time as he’ll get very less time to Explore, Think and Learn on his own,  at his own pace.

I have already shared my own journey of how I managed to undo school learning and re-started a self-journey of un-schooling myself in my blog post Don’t Imitate Success, just Fail.


Hard Work and Talent are not The Key to Success
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